Sin Tai Hing is the proud owner of Taste-Me, Mahkota, and STH, three local brands. We pride ourselves on being Malaysia’s leading condiments and sauces manufacturer, we offer a wide selection of products that suit the preferences of each individual customer.

Our products vary from sauces and ready-to-cook paste for home use, to sauces for use in restaurants and cafes.

We obtain and select only the highest quality ingredients and resources from reputable suppliers, and we adhere to an ingredient policy that undergoes strict quality safety checks to ensure that our products maintain the highest quality possible.

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  • 20-STH-Blended-Sesame-Oil-630ml-
    Blended Sesame Oil 630ml
  • 19-STH-Blended-Sesame-Oil-330ml-
    Blended Sesame Oil 330ml
  • 18-STH-Sesame-Oil-630ml-
    Sesame Oil 630ml
  • 17-STH-Sesame-Oil-330ml-
    Sesame Oil 330ml
  • 16-STH-Premium-Sesame-Oil-190ml-
    Premium Sesame Oil 190ml
  • 18-STH-Sesame-Oil-2L-
    STH Sesame Oil 2Litre
  • 4-STH-Blended-Sesame-Oil-5L-1
    STH Blended Sesame Oil 5Litre
  • 7-STH-Artificial-Vinegar-5L-
    STH Artificial Vinegar 5Litre

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