The Utmost Best Sesame Oil Manufacturer in Malaysia for All Types of Meals

Sin Tai Hing is Malaysia’s best sesame oil supplier! With years of industry expertise, we take great delight in making smooth and fragrant sesame oil that is precisely curated to enrich your recipes and tantalise your taste buds.

We at Sin Tai Hing believe that excellent flavour begins with the best ingredients. We guarantee rigorous quality inspections and adhere to high industry standards as the trusted sesame oil manufacturer in Malaysia, enabling us to offer the finest sesame oil with uncompromising perfection.

Our sesame oil is an excellent option for infusing deep umami into your cuisine or enhancing your supermarket’s choices with high-quality items. Embrace the tastes of Sin Tai Hing’s finest sesame oil in Malaysia and go on a flavour-filled trip like no other. Combine your flavours with our other products such as chilli padi, dark soy sauces and also vegetarian sauce options as well to fully experience what Sin Tai Hing has to offer.

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  • 20-STH-Blended-Sesame-Oil-630ml-
    Blended Sesame Oil 630ml
  • 19-STH-Blended-Sesame-Oil-330ml-
    Blended Sesame Oil 330ml
  • 18-STH-Sesame-Oil-630ml-
    Sesame Oil 630ml
  • 17-STH-Sesame-Oil-330ml-
    Sesame Oil 330ml
  • 16-STH-Premium-Sesame-Oil-190ml-
    Premium Sesame Oil 190ml
  • 18-STH-Sesame-Oil-2L-
    STH Sesame Oil 2Litre
  • 4-STH-Blended-Sesame-Oil-5L-1
    STH Blended Sesame Oil 5Litre

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