The Premium Oyster Sauce Manufacturer in Malaysia

Malaysia’s leading condiments and sauces manufacturer, where taste and quality go hand in hand! One of our star products, the coveted oyster sauce, holds a special place in the hearts of Malaysians. Made with meticulous care and an age-old recipe, our oyster sauce Malaysia is a true culinary gem. When it comes to the best oyster sauce Malaysia has to offer, look no further than Sin Tai Hing. Bursting with rich umami and a perfect balance of flavours, our premium oyster sauce is a must-have in any kitchen.

As an esteemed oyster sauce manufacturer, we take great pride in sourcing only the finest ingredients from reputable suppliers. Our strict ingredient policy ensures that each batch of oyster sauce undergoes rigorous quality and safety checks, guaranteeing the highest quality possible. Whether it’s for home use, restaurants, or cafes, our diverse range of sauces and ready-to-cook pastes cater to the preferences of each individual customer.

At Sin Tai Hing, we believe in creating culinary magic in terms of condiments such as oyster sauce, soy sauce and many more. So, let our oyster sauce elevate your dishes to new heights of deliciousness. Trust in our heritage, embrace the authenticity, and savour the essence of Malaysian cuisine with Sin Tai Hing – where taste meets excellence! 

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    Oyster Flavoured Sauce 500g
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    Oyster Flavoured Sauce 750g
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    Gourmet Oyster Sauce 510g

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