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You can enjoy the authentic flavours of Malaysia while raising your meals to new heights of taste and delight with our chilli padi sauce. Enjoy the explosive goodness that characterises our chilli sauces and taste the difference that outstanding craftsmanship creates. Among the chili padi sauce manufacturers in Malaysia, we produce quality sauces that will be a perfect inclusion for restaurants and your home dining meals.

Order our chilli padi sauce today and start on a wonderful journey of authentic Malaysian flavour. Find out more of our products such as soy sauce, premium oyster sauce, and vegetarian oyster sauce to enhance your cooking experience.

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  • 15-Taste-Me-Thai-Chili-Sauce-510g-
    Thai Chilli Sauce 510g
  • 14-Taste-Me-Sos-Cili-Padi-180g-
    Bird Eye Chilli Padi Sauce 180g

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