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Dark Caramel Soy and Light Soy Sauce – the finest creation from the best sauce manufacturer in Malaysia. This exceptional sauce brings a burst of flavours to your dishes, elevating your culinary experience to new heights.

Our soy sauce, made with the highest quality ingredients, is a memorial to the art of sauce-making. The best sauce manufacturer in Malaysia follows time-honoured recipes, expertly fermenting and ageing selected soybeans to perfection. Each bottle is a masterpiece, carefully produced to ensure consistent flavour quality.

To improve your dishes and delight your taste senses, go no further with our Dark Caramel Soy, Soy Sauce & Gourmet Soy Sauce. It’s a sauce that will turn each meal into a memorable culinary experience with its distinct blend of flavours, versatility, and commitment to quality. Enjoy the richness of Malaysia’s best soy sauce and the magic it brings to the food you make. Besides, we also offer a variety of choices such as gourmet oyster sauce, chilli padi sauce, and vegetarian oyster sauce.

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  • 6-Taste-Me-Soy-Sauce-370ml-
    Soy Sauce 370ml
  • 7-Taste-Me-Soy-Sauce-750ml-
    Soy Sauce 750ml
  • 5-Taste-Me-Gourmet-Soy-Sauce-180ml-
    Gourmet Soy Sauce 180ml
  • 8-Taste-Me-Dark-Caramel-Sauce-375ml-
    Dark Caramel Sauce 375ml
  • 9-Taste-Me-Dark-Caramel-Sauce-750ml-
    Dark Caramel Sauce 750ml

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